While going to take test drive, things you should keep in Mind


New Delhi: Purchasing a four wheeler is a common dream which most of us have and to purchase the new vehicle we visit many showrooms often to take a test drive to know how the new vehicle will be.

Test drive is very important while you are going to buy first hand car of second hand cars .Its Opportunity to feel the ride quality and the comfort of the vehicle

Following are the important things which a buyer must have in mind before going to have a test drive.

  1. Choose your vehicle according to your need and test it.
  2. What to look for, Engine and suspension, steering and brakes, clutch and rears, family size. Safety features. Try to spend a day for it so that a single day you can
  3. Drive test: Take a drive more than three or four vehicles because that will help you to differentiate between each car the drive experience.
  4. Take a drive on highways and rough terrain so that u can find out the escalation and the suspension quality.
  5. Check the cooling of ac that it’s taking how much time to cool the cabin.
  6. Check of the AC cuts off, if he engine is revved hard and for how long. It’s important to examine how long? It’s taken the car to heat up or cool down, especially on a hot summer day.
  7. Discuss with the sales executive any doubts / concerns that may have come up during the test drive.
  8. Don’t be afraid to ask for another test drive if you are still unsure. 
  9. Know the insurance policy which you want have with your vehicle, like its comprehensive or bumper to bumper.
  10. Ask about the warranty structure and the facility which the company is providing.
  11.  Last but not the least while going for the drive take the maximum capacity of load, if its five seater than you must have five people seated in the vehicle .so that you can know after taking full capacity of vehicle it’s not running under power.

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