After LPG now Kerosene Subsidy to end, another setback for poor people

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New Delhi: After the LPG, the central government is now ending the subsidy on kerosene. The central government is doing this because the consumption of kerosene in rural areas has decreased considerably. According to the news, the central government has asked the oil companies to abolish 25 paisa subsidy every fortnight. This is being done by seeing the decrease in kerosene consumption. According to news, the Modi government has come back on its decision to end subsidy on LPG.

Significantly, there is a decrease in the demand for kerosene oil. In the villages, the government has increased the supply of gas connections in the last three years. Delhi and Chandigarh have already been declared kerosene Free states. In 2016-17, the demand for kerosene has decreased by 21 percent.

Now the price of LPG gas cylinder will increase every month?

The central government has decided to raise the price of subsidized LPG (LPG) from government oil companies by Rs 4 per cylinder every month. Its aim is to eliminate the entire subsidy by March next year. Earlier, the government had asked the Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum to increase the subsidy LPG price by Rs 2 per month every month. Pradhan said in a written reply to the Lok Sabha that now the price hike has been doubled so that the subsidy can be eliminated.

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