General Motors to windup its cars selling in India, job cuts


Automobile: The General Motors one of the biggest brands in the Car manufacturing and making is going to wind up its car’s selling in India.

The automobile market is the most competitive markets in all the sectors, it required constant upgrades and new products needs to be launched as well, in every short span of time. However the General Motors have failed to do so and there have been no major new vehicles launched in recent times.

The GM have less than 1 percent share in the passengers market in India.

Indian market is a loss making market for the General Motors and the Company management have thought to hold in only those countries which makes profit.

General Motors India

The General Motors entered in the Indian market in the year 1995; however the company have never been able to compete with other segment of vehicles like the Hyundai, Toyota, Maruti Suzuki.

The General Motors incurred a huge loss of Rs 1,100 Cr during 2015-16.

Last in 2015, the company also put on hold a $1 billion investment in India.

Company sales in India went down by 21% in 2016-17 to 25,823 units as per catch news.

General Motors manufacturing plant will continue to export to Asian and South American markets.

Biggest problem on Indian job Market

This impact will lead to a big job cut in India.  Currently the information technology is already facing a job cuts and winding up of the General Motors will lead to another job issue in India.

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