Jharkhand most private medicine shops to remain closed today


Jharkhand, Ranchi: President of Jharkhand Chemists and druggist Association (JCDA) Krishna Pradhan and general secretary Amar Kumar Sinha told reporters on Monday that the government is making new laws every day, because of which the drug businessmen are worried.

In protest of all this about 12000 medicine shops will remain closed in Jharkhand today.

He said that e-portal is not practically possible. The patient is on threat of life and we will continue to scan the doctor's patient slip. If scanning is delayed for some reason, then the family will beat us. The drug dealer will have to pay a fee of 200 rupees on each slip. Every drug dealer is opposing this.

If drug shopkeepers do not follow the rule, legal action will be taken on them. Treasurer Umesh Shrivastav and Secretary Vinod Kumar said that our demand for earlier, such as pharmacists on drug shops, discounts to 30,000 on drug license rate is quite old. If the government does not fulfill our demands promptly, then the strategy of early agitation will be prepared.


Why people are opposing e-portal

In the e-portal, pharmaceutical manufacturers will have to register themselves. The portal will have to updated with complete data of the drug given to the CNF, wholesale seller. The portal will have to enter the batch number of medicines, the amount of drug sold and the expiry date of the medicines. Retail drug vendor, chemist and e-pharmacy will not be allowed to sell the drug until they enters full details on the e-portal.

Patients admitted in hospitals do not have problems

Due to the closure of drug shops, hospitals of private hospitals will not be affected.  Medicine will be made available to patients admitted in the ward from the hospital's drug stores. Life saving medicines will also be given to private hospitals on showing the doctor's prescription.


The rule will be just made, there will be many modifications 

Drug Controller Ritu Sahay said that there is a need make this Act; there would be still time for it to amend. Now the pharmaceutical traders should not be disturbed. E-portal will benefit both drug stores and patients. Drug association has been urged not to close the shop. Government drug shops will remain open.

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