Benefits of gourd peel


Health Fitness: Skin tanning is the common problem in summer. In this case, women use many types of beauty products but some domestic remedies can also be helpful to remove the problem of tanning. For this, use the gourd peel that removes the problem of tanning and it also provides relief from many body problems. Let's know about the benefits of gourd peel.

1. Tanning

In the sun often there is a problem of tanning on the face. In such a way, grind gourd skins, make paste and apply it on the face. Gourd contains vitamin C which removes many skin problems.

2. Burning in the soles

Feet on the soles of the feet begin to burn in the summer. For this, rub the husks of gourd on the soles, which will be relieved.

3. Hemorrhoids

Gourd is also useful in hemorrhoids treatment. For this, you dry the gourd peel and grind it, taking one spoon with cold water twice a day is beneficial.ful to remove the problem of tanning.

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