#justice4Maa: decide and sign on medical negligence of bengaluru’s Fortis


New Delhi, July 18: Recently we published the facebook information given by Abhinav verma, where we gave all the information about the way why Abhinav Verma lost her mother.

Abhinav gave all about the medical kidnapping of her mother and how she lost her life. If you have not read his side of the news, then do check this link.

Abhinav Verma Bengaluru fights Fortis Hospital Justice4Mom Murder fact check

Now his son is fighting for the justice of her mother and all alone against the big Fortis hospital, Bengaluru. His son Abhinav Verma, has now launched an online petition for reaching out to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Health Minister of India, Medical Council of India, Chief Minister of Karnataka, Health Mnister of Karnataka.

The petition launched by Abhinav Verma on Tuesday has till now received the support of 2,856

Support only.


In the petition, Abhinav Verma has given all the irregularities and crimes committed by the doctors. He also said that the authorities have still not ready to hand over the promised documents.

Here is the link to support #Justice4Maa

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