Video: Man escapes narrow death on Camera after he fires from Rifle


New Delhi: There are many people who do wonderful things in life and sometimes often risk their life in doing all this. A person can be seen in the video, and the death passes just a few inches away from him. All we can Just say is that his luck was good, otherwise he would not be there after the incident.

This person is targeting a fridge kept under a tree's edge, far away from its rifle. The shocking thing is that there is a huge amount of explosive inside the refrigerator. As soon as this person targets the fridge and shoots it, there is a strong explosion and the door of the fridge comes flying towards the person's direction.

The best thing is that he was standing behind the tree and the door of the fridge bumps into the branches of the tree and leaves it only a few inches away.
Even that person does not even realized that something like this can happen. At the same time, after seeing the explosion, he cannot even see that the door is coming from his side. As soon as the door approaches, he runs away to save itself. This video has been viewed 70 thousand times so far. However, it is not known where and when the incident took place.

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