Sachin A Billion Dreams – Hopes of People – Trailer Analysis and Video

Image Courtesy - Youtube Grab

Trailer analysis – The trailer starts with naughty Sachin doing some mischievous work like tyre puncture with beautiful music in the background by A R Rahman. Then comes the memories of 1983 world cup. At that time Sachin was only 10 years old and was highly fascinated with this win of  India. He also dreamed to hold world cup trophy in his hands at that time.

The world cup of 1983 started journey for Sachin Tendulkar. The little guy who portrays Sachin looks almost similar to the pics of master when he was of that age.  The trailer also highlights personal life of Sachin. About his wife Anjali and kids as well. The visuals in the promo displays the real life images from the life of Tendulkar. Also shows some dark phases of Cricket when match fixing was at its height. 

The tag line is “The hopes of a Billion People”. And it justifies the way it displays the life of Sachin. His fans, and his love for cricket. We also get chance to see a glimpse of Mahi ( Mahendra Singh Dhoni) who was also one of the big fans of Tendulkar. The world cup of 2011 is also displayed with all players in blue holding the world cup.

The trailer ends with chants of Sachinnnnn Sachin… Sachiiiiinnnn Sachin!!!!!!

Conclusion – The trailer looks very good but only thing that surprises me is that it looks more like a documentary than a movie.  I would be amazed if people would travel to cinema to watch a documentary. I hope we have much more to see in the later promos.





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