Bihar: Three thrashed on suspicion of carrying beef in truck

Image source Indiatoday youtube

The incidents of outrageous behaviour in the name of cow protection does not seem to die down as three men were thrashed by locals in Bihar's Bhojpur over suspicion of carrying beef in a truck.

Following the ruckus created by the locals the police also reached the spot and is probing the matter.

The police also took three people into custody and also confiscated their truck. The local peoples described that illegal butchery have been running in the area for past few months.

The locals also blocked the NH 84 and staged a protest. All three men were arrested after being rescued from the mob, a police official said. 

The truck driver said that the meat was being transported to Kolkata through Muzaffarpur Bhagalpur road.

"They will be interrogated whether they were carrying beef or buffalo meat," the official said.

Prime Minister Modi had sent a serious message to the cow vigilantes among the increasing matter of crowd execution and said nobody has the right to take law in his & her hand in name of cow protection.

"Killing people in the name of Gau Bhakti is not acceptable," said PM Narender Modi. "No person in this nation has the right to take the law in his or her own hands in this country,"

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