China blames Indian soldiers for Pangong Lake incident in Ladakh


NEW DELHI: China on Monday blamed Indian soldiers for "violent action" against its troops during a standoff at Pangong Lake in Ladakh on August 15 leading to scuffles and stone pelting, and has lodged a protest with India. 

Indian frontier troops had foiled an attempt by Chinese troops to enter the Indian territory in Ladakh, resulting in the death of soldiers on both sides 

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying claimed that this incident is operating normal patrol on the Chinese side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) around Lake area on August 15. 

She said, "During this process, the Indian side took some violent action and injured Chinese border personnel."

India says that the commanders of the local army of both sides discussed this incident. 

Hua said, "China strengthened dissent and registered India with serious representation". 

This incident took place in Pangong lake between a stalemate between Indian and Chinese forces in the Doklam area of ​​Sikkim sector, which has now entered the third month. 

China has accused Indian soldiers of illegally irregularities in the trespassed in Doklam and should be withdrawn to eliminate them without any condition.

Last week, India said it would continue to meet with China to find a mutually acceptable solution for the exception of Doklam, but underlined that similar developments in Ladakh were not "in the interest of both sides".

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