Delhi metro fare increase here is the list of increased fare


New Delhi, Delhi Metro: The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has announced a fare hike after 8 years, that from Wednesday onwards passengers will have to pay between 25% to 67% more to use its metro services.

From Wednesday the minimum fare would be Rs 10 instead of Rs 8.

The maximum fare has been increased to Rs 50 from Rs 30.  

Last time the fare was increased in the year 2009; this fare first hike is in the last 8 years.  

Here’s the list of new normal fares:

Rs 10 for 0-2 km

Rs 15 for 2-5 km

Rs 20 for 5-12 km

Rs 30 for 12-21 km

Rs 40 for 21-32 km

Rs 50 for beyond 32 km

On Sundays and national holidays fares will be:

Rs 10 from 0-12 km

Rs 20 for 12-21km

Rs 30 for 21-32 km

Rs 40 for beyond 32km

However, there will be benefit for passengers using the Delhi Metro on Sundays and national holidays. Fares on these days will be between Rs 10 and Rs 40 till September-end 2017. This has been done to encourage more passengers on these days.  

The Fares of Airport Express lines won’t change

Rs 10 for 0-12 Km

Rs 20 for 12-21 Km

Rs 30 for 21-32 Km

Rs 40 for more than 32 Km

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