India plans to purchase new unmanned aerial vehicle, Super Heron from Israel


India Israel: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a three-day Israeli tour. During this time, India and Israel are going to do a defense deal, which has caused a panic in China and Pakistan. Indeed, India is going to buy 10 Heron TP drones from Israel. This drone is equipped with air-to-ground missile. It is also called Killer Drone. Given its anticipatory potential, it is considered to be important for India. With the help of this drone, India can not only eliminate militant camps in Pak-occupied territories, but also the terrorists hiding in the POK.

Heron TP drone is compared to the US Predator and the Reaper drone. It can fly for 30 hours continuously. Apart from this, cameras engaged in this are specializes in gathering intelligence. Terror bases can be identified from the air and can be dismantled by targeting it. This drone can fly a ton of weight in any season and fly up to 45,000 feet height. It does not require any pilot to blow it, but the operator sitting in a control room can control it. This drone can fly at a speed of 370 kilometers per hour.

This defense agreement is worth $400 million, was approved by the Ministry of Defense in 2015. After this, this drone was displayed in Aero India show in Bangalore in February 2015. The biggest reality of this drone is that it first searches for the target, then aims at it. After this, it also targets the ground with the missile and destroys the target on the ground. At present, the drones that India has, they do not have this capability. The target disappears until the drone recognizes the target and aims it.

Heron drones can be deployed to monitor India-Pakistan and Indo-China border. The Israeli drone has drawn attention to the world. Israel's Aerospace Industry is famous for designing and developing such a special drone worldwide. Israel is also the world's top in the case of domestic computers. Motorola made the first phone here too.

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