Karnataka Congress Minister U T Khader reluctant to remove red beacon

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Mangaluru, U T Khader, May 2: Minister of Food and supplies from Karnataka, UT Khader refuses to oblige Narendra Modi’s government ban on read beacon on VIP vehicles. He said he will only work as per instruction from the Karnataka state chief Minister Siddaramaiah. It looks like Khader would not be removing the red beacon from his official car any time soon.  

What U T Khader said on the red Beacon controversy?

  1. If the Chief Minister asks me to remove the red beacon light, I will obey his instruction and remove it.
  2. It was the state government that had given him the car and therefore it is their right to alter it.
  3. I do not have the power to alter my car. It is left to the cabinet to decide.
  4. Any decision by the government should favour poor people, It is the state government which has given me this car and I do not have any right to alter it.
  5. he has no issues with removing beacon from his vehicle but the government should focus more on poverty and education.
  6. "Let the central government bring into force such a notification, I am not saying no, but most importantly it should introduce schemes wherein it is possible to fill the stomachs of people and provide education.
  7. I am not moving around with the red beacon light placed on my head. It is installed on my car.

In the first week of April, 2017, the Central Government, led by NAMO had issued a notification to end the culture of showing red beacons on the official government vehicles, with effect from May 1.

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