Madras High Court: National song Vande Mataram can be sung in educational institutions


Chennai: The Madras High Court on Tuesday (July 25th) has ordered the singing of Vande Mataram at least once in the week in all educational institutions. The Court has said in its order that priority for the national anthem on Monday or Friday will be given priority.

Petitioner's Veeramani had asked the Tamil Nadu Teacher Recruitment Board (TRB) to direct that the TRB should provide a score for the answer to that question, asking which language the national song was written in.

The Advocate General explained to the court that the real language of the national song Vande Matram is Sanskrit, but it was written in Bengali language.

In its order, the court has also said that in all government offices and institutions, private companies and factories, national song should sing the Vande Mataram at least once a month.

The court also said that if the people of the state have trouble in Vande Mataram in Sanskrit or Bengali, then it can also be translated into Tamil. However, the court has also said that people or organizations cannot be forced to sing Vande Mataram. The High Court also ordered the TRB to include the petitioner in the recruitment process.

In response to the question asked in the Teacher Eligibility Test in the year 2013, the petitioner had replied that the national song was composed in Bengali language, whereas the correct answer was given to Sanskrit in the North key.

The petitioner says that the cut off mark in the teacher recruitment examination went to 90, and due to getting 89 marks, his selection could not be made, the reason for this was the wrong answer key.

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