Man killed In Daylight in Andhra Pradesh, people take video


India, Andhra Pradesh: A video of a 32 years old man killed by a two armed man armed with a heavy knife emerged, while it was shocking to see the death of a young man. It was still more shocking to see it was done in a broad day light and no one came to rescue of the young person. Instead people were seen filming the whole crime sheen.   

The person who was killed is Maruti Reddy was on his way to the court on a auto rickshaw, while two men attacked him is believed to be brothers attacked him with a heavy knife. Reddy even tried to run but fell down and was mercilessly attacked by the two brothers.

Maruti Reddy was struck 11 times and yet the killer didn’t stop striking him more.

There were many people around the crime scene who were watching all this and some also recorded.

Later the two attackers surrendered to the police. The police said Mr Maruti Reddy sister was in relationship with the brother-in-law of the killers and that was the motive behind the killing of the Mr Reddy.

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