MCD opinion polls, BJP can win again, while AAP might lose badly


New Delhi, MCD polls: Just a day before the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections are to be held, several opinion polls claimed a clear victory for Bhartiya Janata Party while giving second position to Aam Aadmi Party. The congress is nowhere is picture itself

The opinion poll done two separated groups one by VMR for Times Now and CVoter for ABP News said that BJP will get the mandate in the Delhi elections 2017.

As per the VMR polls, The BJP, which has been ruling MCD for the past ten years would get 195 out of 272 seats while AAP should get just 55 seats.

As per the CVoter’s poll survey, The BJP will get around 179 seats while AAP will finish at 45 seats.

This two opinion poll predicted that the BJP will win the 76 of the 104 seats in the North corporation and 60 of 104 in the South and 43 of 64 in the East. It estimated 13 seats for AAP in the North, 21 in the South and 11 in the East.

Based on the survey If the election results are similar,  The AAP's vote share would be at 27.5 percent which will come down from 55 percent that it won in the 2015 assembly elections, while BJP would win 49 percent of the vote share.

Congress is expected to face the same fate as it did in 2015 assembly elections, even though chief Ajay Maken have claimed 207 seats for the party in internal polls.

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