PM Modi come to Vice President Election with his Identity Card – Respect

Image Source - Twitter

New Delhi – Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi joined the voting for the 13th Vice President of India. For everyone’s surprise, he was holding his identity proof, so that he can cast his vote.

Prime Minister of India is the most powerful person in India, still the way he works shows how much he is connected to ground. Former Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu won by 516 votes. He was elected as the 13th Vice President of India and he defeated Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson GopalKrishna Gandhi by 272 votes. In last 30 years, this is the biggest margin of votes that a Vice President candidate has received.

So, the victory could be termed as a cake walk for Naidu and he will be now holding the country’s second-highest Constitutional office. The bigger role for him will be to handle Rajya Sabha. In Rajya Sabha, still the Congress and its allies are enjoying majority. Being a person from BJP, it will be a tough challenge for Naidu to control Rajya Sabha as the chairman.

After this win, Naidu told reporters that “coming from an agricultural background, I never imagined I would be here. Agriculture has no proper voice in Indian polity”. He also said that he will  “sincerely try to steer the functioning of the House to enable it to effectively further the larger interests of the nation.”

PM Modi tweeted below pics -


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