RJD leaders and Tejashwi yadav protest against Nitish outside Bihar Vidhansabha

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Nitish Kumar prepared himself ahead of the floor test in Bihar Assembly on Friday, Rashtriya Janta Dal volunteers and workers protested outside the Vidhansabha holding pla-cards and raising slogans.

‘fake govenrment go away’ were held by RJD workers. one of the party volunteer said, “Nitish Kumar has cheated us”. He had assured never to join hands with BJP, but he has acted like an opportunist.

Lashing out at Nitish Kumar in Bihar Assembly, Tejashwi said that Nitish Kumar has abandoned people of Bihar. "He fought alone in 1995 and got seven seats. In 2014, he was reduced to two seats. Where was his image then? The mandate of 2015 was for five years and it was against the BJP," Tejashwi Yadav slammed Nitish kumar. 

Outside the assembly, workers of Lalu Yadav's Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) raised slogans describing Nitish Kumar as a defector. "Main Kursi Kumar Hoon (I am Kursi Kumar)," said a poster held up by the protesters. Tejashwi also joined the RJD protest before walking into the house. As leader of the opposition now, Tejashwi started speaking first. He directly faced Nitish Kumar in the assembly as he hit out at his former boss and explained the charges against him.

on Wednesday, Nitish Kumar ended his two-year-old affiliation with the congress and RJD after Lalu Yadav said his son Tejashwi would not abandon following an FIR filed by Central Bureau of Investigation.

On the other side, Nitish Kumar who took oath as Bihar Chief Minister yesterday will prove his majority in the state assembly today

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