Sad Hamid Ansari never represented India, but just one community


New Delhi: Hamid Ansari, who was sitting in the vice-presidential position, what he said at the time of his departure is not true, but by saying this, he has shown his narrow mindset. From his point of view it appears that despite being the Vice President of the country, he remained only a minority representative, instead he should have represented whole of India and every community of people.

It may be that the minority class of the country has told them about this problem, but it is also true that after staying in office for the Vice-President, He should not have express his opinions only after listening to just one side. He was in the role Vice-President, he would have been fully aware of the reality of the whole country. He did not even respect the post of Vice President. Hamid Ansari has given a similar statement, as is done for the fulfillment of certain political interests. Speaking of the minority community, Hamid Ansari, represented his hidden thought of 2 years of BJP coming to power.

India honored him by giving them the second most important post. He sat on the Vice-President's post twice, not only once. We know that DR APJ Abdul Kalam was also a Muslim in our country and he also sat of the president seat, yet he did so good work that almost whole of the present generation still thinks him as their role model. He used to see the entire country. His voice was the voice of India, whenever he used to talk to the youth, he had a sense of equality in his eyes. There was no difference between the minority and the majority. He respected the whole country, so the country also gave them the same respect as Bharat Ratna.

The question is, Hamid Ansari does not get the whole country even after the whole of the country. Very large section of the country is reacting to their point today. In fact, they should worry about the people of the entire country alike, but in their eyes, even before and after, a sense of contraction appeared. We know that despite being the vice-president, he did not give priority to country language. He did not sing the Vande Mataram sing, refused to take aarti plate in the program of Vijaya Dashmi, and not only did he adopt secularism of the basic principles of the nation.

At present, even though secularism is seen with a sense of appeasement for the same class, it is true that there is a provision for secularism to be viewed in equal terms with all religions.

It may be that what Hamid Ansari said is correct, but the question is whether this insecurity has been created by the Muslim community itself. Former vice-president Hamid Ansari should not have really talked about being unsafe for minorities, whereas the truth is that the person creates an environment of security and insecurity due to his actions.

Well, now Hamid Ansari has been freed from the post of Vice President, now he has full time too. He also have the knowledge of the situation of the country. Whatever anxiety they have expressed, now he should take measures to overcome it. But he has to keep in mind that in their eyes, he should be a vision of India. Not a community. When he expresses a sense of insecurity to a community, questions will arise naturally. Then how to answer those questions, it is a matter of thinking.

In fact, not only Hamid Ansari, but in the country, there seems to be such an environment in which there is no solution, creating problems has become the destiny of our country. The entire society of the country is sitting on such a hope from the political and constitutional leadership, who have presented the solution to the problem. It was hoped by Hamid Ansari that he presented a solution to the problem, but they then left the problem. A problem that can cause a feeling of appeasement. In fact, the feeling of appeasement can comfort any society for a short time, a permanent solution cannot be made. When a person who is sitting in the vice-president cannot explain the solution then what to expect from him. Now there is no problem, there is a time of solution. There is a lot of problems in front of the public. Whose country is complete in its end, Hamid Ansari should have stepped up for the path of solution, instead of creating insecurity among the people of India.

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