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Setting an example, Buses to go cashless From Jan 2017

The demonetization scheme is going to have a major effect on the Indian economy. Especially since many of the places in india are going for cashless transaction, one example is akodara.

This is a place in India which has already set this example, akodara Gujarat which has already set this example. Where every transaction in the city happens cashless.

Following the example in Bangalore, The Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has decided to go for cashless from Jan, 2017.

It is often in the Bangalore, getting change is the major concern while travelling and often people have dispute with the conductor over getting change. BMTC managing director Ekroop Caur said the service will be formally launched in January 2017.

The passenger just needs to tap a smart card on an electronic ticketing machine while boarding and alighting the bus, and the fare is deducted from the cash stored in the card. This will reduce the need to tender change to commuters and increase transparency for BMTC, said Ekroop.

Currently the service will is running on a trial basis by the staffto see of the specification are working as planned,said. Ekroop the and will be finalized after the trail, said the director and hopefully there will be no increase in fare.

 Ekroop also said that she aims not to increase fares to keep public transport affordable and attract usage. “I intend to increase the fleet strength to 12,000 buses and have proposed to procure 3000 more buses in next fiscal. That will help us increase reliability of bus schedules and increase usage of buses to 60%. Right now it is only 40% and that is because the fares are higher.

Source: http://www.ksrtcblog.com/news/national/bmtc-begin-cashless-rides-january-2017