Shameless Youth eve teasing video In Uttar Pradesh where is Anti-Romeo Squad


Uttar Pradesh: A sensational video has emerged from Rampur district of western Uttar Pradesh. The video is about 318 km away from Lucknow, in which 14 people are seen eve teasing two women in a broad day light.

According to the news, the video belongs to the nearby village of Tanda police station. The video was made by the accused mobile and later posted it on social sites. However, it has not been clear when the video was made. But the video is reportedly being shared for the past two weeks on social media.

Police say that the main accused has been arrested while the investigation has been started for the arrest of others involved in the incident.

The police On the other hand has not yet received any information about the victims. While the main accused in the video can be clearly seen, which seems to be obstructing the right way of women on the narrow road.

In the video, a man is on a bike. the accused are pushing women, using abusive language and dragging them here. In the video, women can be heard clearly crying and screaming.

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