Shivraj Singh Chouhan says My government of the farmers


New Delhi: The fire of the farmers' agitation in Madhya Pradesh is not yet extinguished, but on Thursday it remained almost under control. The state government of Madhya Pradesh relaxed the curfew for two hours from 4 pm to 6 pm. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, meanwhile, issued a video message to the tweeter and called his government as a farmer's government.

Shivraj said that my government is the government of the farmers, the government of the people. As long as my breath is there, I will continue to work for the people. I will work for the farmers. He said that we have taken several decisions in the interest of the farmers. Onions are being purchased at eight rupees per kg. The procurement of moong, urad, tur, starting from June 10, at a minimum support price.

Blaming the anti-social elements for the movement, he said that for the sake of solving the problem, I am always present for the dialogue. Discussion can be a solution to the problem, but some chaotic elements want the state to remain in violence. We will deal with them strictly. Will not let their plans succeed. Cooperate in peace restoration he requested the farmers.

Earlier on Thursday, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi left Mandsaur, Via Udaipur but the administration arrested him in Neemuch.
Rahul Gandhi while targeting the BJP and ultimately at Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that this government fires on farmers and I am prevented from meeting the farmers. He said that Narendra Modi can forgive millions of crores of loans  for corporates, but cannot waive loan from the farmers.

According to reports, Rahul Gandhi is ready for bail and the administration can release him soon.

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