Thathiya Man Came to know his wife is Transgender on the day of honeymoon


New Delhi: As per the news published in Indiasamwad, A person married in thathiya of Kannauj district of Uttar Pradesh. When he reached his bride on the night of the honeymoon, his was totally astonished. During the honeymoon, he came to know that his wife is Transgender /Kinnar/Hijra. He was married on 13th May based on Hindu customs. After the marriage, during the honeymoon, the young man realized that his wife was Transgender.

The man informed all this to her sister in law. When the case reached the girl's home, the father-in-law promised to marry a younger sister. It was decided in the interaction that the young man's second wedding will be done in a few days with his younger sister's younger sister. The young man continued to wait for it.

Even after a month when the marriage was not done. The youth filed a report in the thathiya police station. According to the SO, the two sides are currently talking on mutual agreements. If it does not work then FIR will be written.

Till yet no feasible solution have reached by the two sides.

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