The suicide videos of Buxar DM Mukesh Pandey will make you cry


New Delhi: A facebook video of the Buxar DM is being shared on the social media. Belive me the video will make you cry and make you feel the condition which the Buxar DM might have gone through before taking the drastic step of ending his life.  

I wish Mukesh had read and heard something that would stopped him from committing suicide. Something that might have given him a reason to live. Mukesh was not able to feel his love for himself. Mukesh was the 2012 batch IAS officer and was currently working on the post of Buxar DM. He did recently joined there. He came to Delhi from Buxar and on August 11 came to Delhi in front of the train and committed suicide. Before leaving Buxar, he made a video in which he told the reason for self-harm. Watch that video

In fact, I am stunned to see what kind of depression a man can go upto. How far would a desire to die can go? How much would be filled with despair, the mind that cannot find a reason to live. Soreness associated with life and some small things that got mixed up in it. That's what these things are and that make someone take such a big decision.

Mukesh, who has gone through the realities of his life every day since his marriage Maybe even before may have thought of dying. Perhaps earlier the old eyes of his old parents must have stopped them. Sometimes the childhood of the wife's love or daughter gave him the reason to live. Why he did not get a reason to live this time?

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