Three Kashmiri youth arrested for disrespecting national anthem


NEW DELHI: Three Kashmiri students were allegedly arrested for defaming the National Anthem as they did not stand up for it when it was played in a cinema hall at Hyderabad.

The incident took place on Saturday afternoon when the three went to the mantra mall near the Rajendra Nagar police station and when the National Anthem was played before the screening of the film and they did not stand. 

"We received a complaint on Sunday that three youths were not standing, while at the beginning of the film the national anthem was being played by the theater management and they were also laughing while all the members were standing, Shiv Prasad, Deputy Inspector Rajendra the city police station said.

 He said that these three were brought to the police station for questioning, they belong to Baramulla of Jammu and Kashmir.

"They are studying B-Tech in Al-Habib College of Engineering. We have filed a case under Section 2 of the offense under the National Award of 1971 Act," said Prasad. The police said that the investigation is going on.

After being detained for several hours in police station, the police granted bail to all three. It is said that a senior police inspector who was present inside the theater, the police headed towards the arrest of the three youth.

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