Trouble for Arvind Kejriwal, Election Commission dismisses AAP MLA plea


New Delhi: Election Commission's rejected the plea of AAP to end the case concerning the parliamentary secretary 21 legislators. Election Commission said that the case will continue on the legislators. AAP Party had petitioned about the legislators that when the appointment of the Parliamentary Secretary has been canceled in Delhi High Court, then in such case, it does not make sense to run the case with the Election Commission. On September 8, 2016, the Delhi High Court canceled the appointment of 21 parliamentary secretaries.

According to the Election Commission – Aam Aadmi Party legislators had the post of parliamentary secretary from 13 March 2015 to 8 September 2016. So on 20 legislators the case was running, except one MLA Jarnail Singh, because he had given his resignation from Rajouri Garden as a MLA on 2017. Now the final hearing will start in the Election Commission. AAP have to prove to the legislators that they were not in the office of profit as a parliamentary secretary.

Sambit Patra from BJP twitted

What is the matter with AAP MLA

Delhi government in March 2015, had appointed 21 MLA to the members of the parliamentary secretary.  Prashant Patel a lawyer informed this to the president and asked to suspend the MLA’s. The President sent the matter to the Election Commission and the EC sent a notice to 21 MLAs in March 2016, after which the hearing on this matter started. The Kejriwal government tried to bring the parliamentary secretary's post out of the purview of the law by making a law from the previous date, but the President returned the bill.

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