Video: Allahabad scary Principle beats student who complaints of heat


Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad: A video of a teacher in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh will surprise you. In a video viral on social media, a teacher seems to be banging a student with sticks, some of the students in the video are standing against a wall. While the other students are being beaten up, he is trying to join his hand and apologize, but the teacher's anger does not seem to get tired.

As per reports, this video belongs to RPS School of Shantipur in Allahabad. These students Satyendra Dwivedi beat them when they complained of heat. cannot confirm the authenticity of this video. The students, who are scared of beating, have now refused to go back to school. In this case a complaint has been lodged in the local police station.


At the same time, the principal said all the allegations are wrong and baseless. According to the report of INDIA TODAY, the principal has said that the video that has been viral has been edited. Principal said that he is a teacher and he is never strict on the students. Satyendra Dwivedi said that I only want children to remain disciplined. According to some reports, the accused principal has escaped. The police have registered a case in this case.

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