Did a beggar became Lakhpati due to torn mattress?


If luck favors you then life can change anytime. Now just read the story of this beggar. This is such a case, which will make you believe in luck and even surprise by reading this news where a beggar, who became Lakhapati.

This sentence is from the Ranipur Kotwali area of ​​Haridwar in Uttarakhand. Here is a strange case, in which a beggar's fate shines and the life of a person is ruined. According to the news, a father and son living here are looking for a beggar on all sides these days. In fact, without informing his father, the son had brought a torn mattress from his house to a beggar sitting outside the poor Dhanjan Bhanjan temple in Kankhal. Later, when the father asked his son about the mattress, he told that the mattress he donated to a beggar. As soon as he heard this, the father began to scold the son. In fact, the father kept his whole saving hidden inside that mattress. The mattress which the son gave to the beggar, in which there were 40 lakh rupees. As soon as he heard this, both of them immediately reached the temple, where he was sitting beggar. But by then he had gone from there.

It is reported that on the third day of this incident, both of them found the beggar outside a temple. But her luck has changed over and over again. In fact, the beggar sold that mattress to some other beggar in a few rupees.

When this news was found in the Kankhal police station, the Inspector informed that he had no information about the matter. But think of a beggar, how his fate changed overnight

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