Prashant P. Umrao, The advocate who disqualified 20 AAP MLAs now fears for death from?


Is the advocate who was successful in disqualifying 20 AAP MLAs is now leading a life of fear! Do you know who is after his life?

Looks like having power in hand is making one do many things as one likes and seeing by the claims of the person who fought in the court to disqualify 20 AAP MLA is now having fear of his own life.

Advocate who fought relentlessly and convinced the Court of Justice to disqualify the 20 AAP MLAs, is now leading a life full of threat.

He is in a constant fear of getting attacked by the goons of Delhi Chief Minister Mr Arvind Kejriwal and he demanded the Delhi Police and the Home Ministry to give him urgent security.

Vijay Goel also promised him to provide required security, though this was a tweet we have to see what is the security he has been provided in the future.

Vijay Goel from BJP tweeted that .@ippatel, the lawyer who led the crusade against 20 AAP MLAs in the #OfficeOfProfit case met me today as he is concerned about his safety & security. I will speak to Home Minister to ensure his well-being. I firmly believe there should be zero tolerance for violence in politics.

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