25 Simi Terrorists roaming in UP wearing Gehua Clothes – Real

Image Courtsey - Zee news

25 Simi Terrorists roaming in UP wearing saffron Clothes planning strike

Assertion made by – Zee News Channels

Confirmation by Ayupp.com – Real

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According to a report, terrorists could be donning saffron robes, or pose as saints or tantricks, to evade police's scrutiny. Twenty-five terrorists, all aged 18 years, have been infiltrated into India via Nepal,  he alert came as the Yogi Adityanath government shunted out Uttar Pradesh Police chief Javeed Ahmed and replaced him by 1980-batch IPS officer Sulkan Singh.

Ayupp Analysis- The above news has been coming from Uttar Pradesh that saffron robed saints are trying to enter Uttar Pradesh via Nepal. They are in the group of 25 and are suspected to be SIMI activists. They can plan to attack at any crowded places or temple. Since the news has been reported by Zee media house, hence it can be termed as genuine. For detailed news read the article published –


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