Baba Ramdev die at Bombay Pune Highway Accident – Fake

Hoax Image about Ramdev baba

Ramdev baba die at bombay to pune highway

Assertion made by – Internet and social media

Confirmation by – FAKE

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पुणे टू मुंबई हाइवे पर कार से राम देव बाबा का जोर्दार एक्सिडेन हुआ . उनमे 4 गायल है और राम देव बाबा दुनिया चोड़ के चले गये

Ayupp Analysis – Any news can be made viral on social media and no one is pardoned. Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev is latest victim of such viral scam now. A news has been spreading that Baba Ramdev has met an accident on Bombay Pune Expressway and he could not survive the accident.
The images that is being circulate is of Dehradun Hospital on 11th Nov 2011. He was fighting corruption and so he had kept fasting. Due to which he had felt sick and he was taken on strecher to hopital. The news was published with image on the below website –  

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev was hospitalised amid high drama after his health deteriorated rapidly on the seventh day of the fast-unto-death on Friday. Click the above link for more details.
This news was also published on NDTV -  
So, our Ramdev Baba is 100% fine. Do not believe in fake message like this. PLEASE DO NOT SPREAD THIS VIRAL MESSAGE.

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