Bhopal gas tragedy lawyer arun jaitley defended Carbide CEO

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Who was the Lawyer for *Gujarat 500 CRORE Bank Scam* accused ?
It's Current BJP Finance Minister *Arun Jaitley*

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  1. Who was the Lawyer for *Gujarat 500 CRORE Bank Scam* accused ?

It's Current BJP Finance Minister *Arun Jaitley*

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It's Current BJP Finance Minister *Arun Jaitley*

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Arun Jaitley was once a lawyer of Afzal Guru, BJP should clarify the patriotism of Arun Jaitley!! @INCIndia @OfficeOfRG @WithPGV @OwaisGandhi @shujagandhi

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Ayupp Analysis – Gujrat elections and viral news can be co-related. Again, the same news, where Arun Jaitley is targeted. This time it is being spread that Arun Jaitley fought as a Lawyer to save the main culprit of Bhopal gas tragedy Dow Chemical Company. Do you really think it is fact? Lets try to understand why this rumour is spread.

Bhopal Gas Tragedy occurred on 2nd Dec 1984 and is considered as world’s worst industrial disaster. It occurred at the Union Carbide India Limited (UCIB) pesticide plant in Bhopal. UCC was purchased by Dow Chemical company in 2001. Warren Anderson was the CEO of UCIB at the time tragedy had occurred.

As a Law Minister of India, Mr Jaitley has given following notes - “It is not the case that Mr. Anderson committed any act that led to the direct result of the leakage of gas and the consequent loss of lives and injuries.” He also said that “there is no evidence that Mr. Anderson had knowledge of design defects and violations of safety requirements, and yet he failed to take proper remedial measures.” He felt that the case for extradition was based on a belief that Mr. Anderson had such knowledge merely by virtue of his position as chairman of the parent company. Mr. Jaitley's note added that there was no evidence to show that the parent company exercised control over the day-to-day operations and running of the Bhopal plant. Detailed report can be read in the article posted on the Hindu newspaper.

He never fought as a lawyer to save UCIB CEO and hence we term the hoax message as fake. But such kind of news started spreading due to the above note given by him as a Law Minister of India.

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