Charlottesville Virginia Car Attack Smoking Gun Heather Heyer death- Fact Check


seen ramping people on the street and heather Heyer lost her life.

Car attack people on street Charlottesville Virginia

eMessage made by – Social media and internet

Confirmation by – FAKE 

More Samples 

Driver Rams Into Line Of Cars And Protesters #UniteTheRight #Charlottesville



Ayupp Analysis – There has been several version of video available online and all tells different stories and after research we come to a conclusion that this is a hoax video. Initially when this event happened facebook and youtube had several posts uploaded on internet.

See the below video which gives some indication that this is hoax being spread on internet.

Also, one person has beautifully explained with reasons why this is not true.

There were also claims that one women named as Heather Heyer lost her life in this incident. It is also hoax and her mother has confirmed that she lost her life due to heart attack and not accident. Check the below vidoes –

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