Delay in GST Implementation Bill extended to September 2017 - FAKE

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Delay in GST Implementation Bill extended to September 2017

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GST implement date extended to 01.09.2017...
Declared in yesterday’s gst council meeting....


Ayupp Analysis – There might be delay in implementation date of GST ( Goods and Service Tax). This kind of message has been making rounds on the internet with no official communication from the Government of India (GOI). Earlier GST implementation date was planned to be 1st April. But, due to some reasons it was extended to 1st July. And again speculations has begun that it could be extended to 1st of September. There has been one news article posted by NDTV gadgets that GST implementation date will get extended. The reason for which is given that actual GST implementation requires movement of goods over Rs 50000 to be pre-registered. Read the below article for more details -  

The article talks about delay in E-Way Bill implementation. There is no talks about delay in GST. Unless and until we get official communication of delay from Government of India, we will term this news as fake.

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