Fact Check: did Rahul Gandhi entered Ladies Toilet Video Viral


Viral Message: Rumored photo and video is being circulated widely in social media of Rahul Gandhi, with yet another embarrassment for the Congress Party.

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Fact Check by Ayupp– True

Viral Message Example-

Viral Message Verification –   A Video from Chota Udaipur is widely circulated in the social media of Rahul Gandhi, this yet again shared as another joke in the social media. The Congress Vice President mistakenly entered a ladies toilet at an event in Gujarat between 9-11 October when on Wednesday he met youngsters in Chota Udaipur. 

This happened just after a public event, he went to a toiled but mistakenly entered the one made for ladies. The signboards outside the washroom were in Gujarati which read 'Mahilao Mate Shauchalya'.

Rahul Gandhi’s SPG commandos also released that he had made a blunder and went behind him, soon Rahul realized this and came out within a few seconds.

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