Fact Check: Jio Anniversary Offer 2018

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 Viral Message: Jio Anniversary Offer में जियो सबको दे रहा है। एक साल तक फ्री internet !

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Fact Check by Ayupp Fake

Viral message example-

*Jio wishes you a Happy Digital 2018*

Jio Anniversary Offer में जियो सबको दे रहा है। एक साल तक फ्री internet !


जल्दी से दिए गये लिंक पर क्लिक करें और दिए गए Step Follow करें और पाईये 1 साल तक फ्री Internet !

Viral Message Verification-  A yers back there has been many fake news soon after the release of JIO and now again the social media is flooded with spam messages related to the JIO offers.

This claims JIO is offering free internet for one year in celebration of their anniversary. The text message is written in hindi as well so that many people who are not aware fall for it.

There is no such offers from the JIO service provider, but looks like an individual like Manish Sharma in Vadodara has booked the site mentioned above(new-jio-offers).  The site is booked on godaddy.

Such message from sites  like new-jio-offers are know as click-bait messages, which take any individual information.

When someone clicks the links, the link takes someone to the respective site. Here the website will ask all the unnecessary information like email, phone number and finally the site owner will ask you to share the news further for final confirmation. This all is done to simply tap someone basic information, which can be used further for some other purpose like online marketing.

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