Fire rainbow hoax at Mumbai Airport taken by pilot is spam fact check



Picture about fire rainbow at Mumbai Airport being circulated and shared on social media is nothing but spam from IDAHO.

eMessage made by – Social Media

Fact Check By – Fake

Viral on Social Media:

The three images below are called fire rainbows, a rare phenomenon taken by a pilot after take off from Bombay airport. Fire rainbows are a rare phenomenon that occur when the sun is higher than 58 deg. above the horizon and it's light passes through cirrus clouds mode of ice crystals. Enlarge it & see ! You will be floored ! ! Sheer Beauty !!!

Thanks to Sandeep Ghatak sir for providing such photos.

Ayupp fact check – This is spam news being specifically spread from last couple of day. The spam message was first verified by However the snopes first mentioned this as image from IDAHO. THE PICTURE WAS CAPTURED ON THE IDAHO/WASHINGTON BORDER. THE EVENT LASTED ABOUT 1 HOUR.

However in the current shared image, it has been mentioned as Mumbai Airport, making it target for the Indian people and the Mumbaikars.

It’a spam message however. You can tag the place IDAHO in place.

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