Fish Rain has been reported in Thailand China Nashik and Sri Lanka eRumour

Fishes on Road in China

Summary of eRumor:
Fish Rain has been reported in Thailand China Nashik and Sri Lanka

eRumor made by – Internet and social media

Confirmation by – Fish rain happened only in Sri Lanka. Rest is fake.
More Samples –
It rained fish in Thailand today according to BBC news, Wonders of God! How will science and evolutionists explain this? A mystery, a phenomenon that only God understands. Instead of rain falling, fish fell.

Ayupp Analysis – Fish rain never happened in Thailand. The images that is being circulated on social media and internet is of China. For more details read the article published in Business Insider.

Below vidoes were also published for the same -


There is one more video of Fish rain in Nashik –

In reality it was a truck which was overloaded with fish going to the market and it tumbled resulting all the fishes were on the roads.
Fish Rain in Sri Lanka –
There was one report published by BBC that fish rain has occurred in Sri Lanka 
However if you read the complete article then you will come to know that Fish didn’t fall from sky, it might have come from nearby river ( due to wind ) flying.

Hence, the rumour that fish came flying sky is fake message.  

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