Is Hockey national Game of India ? No there is no national game in India

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Hockey is National game of India

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Hockey is the national game of India. Well played boys. India 7 - 1 Pakistan

India cricket get falling by disappointed But India hockey get rising from all Let become congregation the national game of India hockey This for India like the page known about India cricket

Ayupp Analysis – Hockey is not national game of India. Until 2012, it was believed that hockey is national game of India. The reason behind that was India was consecutive 6 gold medals in Olympics between 1928 and 1956. Union Minister of India announced this in reply to RTI query from a 10 year old girl named as Aishwarya Parashar. Like our childhood she was also told that Hockey is National Game of India. To solve her curiosity,RTI was registered and union minister had to reply that hockey is not our national game. Read the article published in Times of India -

So, the question is – What is national game of India?

As per the above RTI query, union minister of Youth affairs replied to the query of Aishwarya by saying that there is no national game of India.

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