Is Nucleus mall Ranchi by Beekay group best mall in India ?


Nucleus mall Ranchi Beekay group best mall in India 2017

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Nucleus mall got the "Launch of the year award 2017". Out of 112 big malls and shopping centers, Nucleus mall got the first position. Shri Vishnu Agrawal and Rohit Agrawal received the award in a function organised by Indian Shopiaping Center Fourm in Mumbai.

Ayupp Analysis – Nucleus mall in Ranchi has been in news from last 3-4 months. It is being spread on social media that this mall has been awarded as the launch of the year award 2017. And out of 112 big malls and shopping centers it has bagged first award. There is no reference of any such award anywhere other than some blogging sites and facebook posts. We checked with various organizations who create such awards and could not find any mention of Nucleus mall Ranchi in their list.

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About Nucleus Mall – It is an international level mall and for the first time in Ranchi. BeeKay group is the one who has built this unique mall for Ranchi people. The mall has a lot of Food courts, Restaurant, Gaming zone, Bar, Disco, Big Bazar, PVR Cinema and many showrooms relating to different products of various brands. The walls of the mall are decorated with the pictures and wall paintings of Jharkhand arts, culture and tourism. This mall also launches PVR multiplexes in Ranchi.

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