Kangana Ranaut picture asking Hindus to put loudspeaker on their rooftops


There is a wide news image circulating on whatsapp and facebook of Kangana Ranaut of asking Hindus to put loud speaker on their rooftops of their house.

eRumor made by – Internet and social media like whatsapp

Confirmation by Ayupp.com – FAKE

More Samples – 

कंगना की पुकार
सभी हिन्दू अपनी छत पर लाऊडस्पीकर लगाएं
अजान के समय हनुमान चालीसा बजाएं।
फिर देखिए संसद में आवाज उठेगी।
हम कंगना की बात से पूरी तरहं सहमत हैं
आप सहमत हैं तो लाईक व शेयर करें....

Kangana ki Pukar
All Hindus put loudspeakers on their roof
Play Hanuman Chalisa at Ajan.
Then see the voice in the Parliament.
We fully agree with Kangana
If you agree then like and share ....

Ayupp Analysis – Going by the whatsapp user’s share this message has become widely hit across the social media. There is no official or non-official comment by Kangana there is no such statement by Kangana asking Hindus to put a Loudspeaker on their roof and play Hanuman Chalisa at the time of Azaan.

The Image being circulated is total fake, it is highly suggested not to circulate such fake messages among your friends, until you really want to circulate something junk.

The image was shared on facebook page – Ajit Doval Fan Club.

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