Killer insect sighted in India is actually Giant water bug

Fake image

Killer insect sighted in India

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New Killer Insect - If you ever see this Insect, please don't try to kill it with your bare hands or touch it, this insect spreads virus to the place of bodily contact and circulates the entire human system in minutes, it was first sighted in India.
Be kind enough to forward this information to friends and families, do remember to educate the children never to kill an insect with bare hands or allow its secretion to touch their body.
This is an SOS Alert!!!! This is the insects and the infection gotten from it.

Ayupp Analysis – No such killer insect is found in India.   It is a fake message being circulated on internet. As per snopes, the only reality in the picture is the insect is Giant water bug. This is found in North America, South America and India and it does not cause any harms to human beings. Read about giant water bug here.

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