New Communication Regulations Decision of Ministry of Interior UAE

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Below message has been circulating on social media with regard to Decision of Interior Ministry, that a new communication regulations has been implemented. It is fake news.


New Communication Regulations Decision Ministry Interior

Assertion made by – Social media and internet.

Confirmation by – FAKE

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Decision of the Ministry of Interior Regulation, From tomorrow onwards there are new communication regulations.

The United Arab Emirates * Tomorrow will start the new communications system *: *
* Call recorded *
* Mobile conversations reserved *
* Wattsab Monitor *
* Twitter Monitor *
* Facebook Monitor *
* All applications associated with social communication *. *
* Your monitor is monitored. *
* Send it to someone who does not know it *
* Your foot is tied to the civil register and fingerprint.
* Please be careful not to send any messages not * * have a need and God conciliator. *
* The Electronic Crimes Law *
* Advise your children to exercise caution *
Http://…/…/2012-11-13-1.526151 Federal Law against IT Crimes 

Ministry of Interior:

The United Arab Emirates tomorrow will start the new communications system:

* Call recorded
* Mobile conversations
* WhatsApp Monitor
* Twitter Monitor
* Facebook Monitor
* All applications associated with social communication

Your are fully monitored !

The Electronic Crimes Law is Federal Law against IT Crimes.

آج دوستوں نے واٹس ایپ پر میسیج کیا اور مشورہ دیا کہ مذہبی اور سیاسی پوسٹس نہ لگاؤں، عربوں کو برا بھلا نہ کہوں، عرب ممالک کی پاکستان مخالف پالیسیوں پر تنقید نہ کروں.

میرے بھائی، آگہی عذاب ہے، شکر کریں کہ آپ اس عذاب میں مبتلا نہیں 
 میں آپ کی طرح آلو پیاز پر اللہ رسول کا نام تلاش نہیں کر سکتا، میں چپ چاپ ظلم ہوتے نہیں دیکھ سکتا

میں ناقد ہوں، ہر سیاسی جماعت پر تنقید کروں گا، ہر فرقے پر تنقید کروں گا، امریکی اور سعودی حکومتوں پر تنقید کروں گا، اماراتی انڈین گٹھ جوڑ بے نقاب کروں گا..

Ayupp Analysis-

The above news states that a decision has been taken by Interior Ministry that New Communication Regulations will be implemented from next day (tomorrow). These includes recording of calls, whatsapp, twitter, facebook and all other social media monitoring. The viral news states about Interior Ministry of UAE, but there has been a official communication given by Gambia –

Due to absence of any official statement by the UAE government, we term this message as fake.

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