No GST on Petrol due to 57% tax benefits to Central State Government

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No GST Petrol due to 57% tax benefits Central State Government

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पेट्रोल व डीजल की कीमतों को GST के अंदर नही लाया गया है,क्यो? क्योंकि पेट्रोल व डीजल पर केंद्रीय एक्साइज कर 23℅ है व VAT  34℅ जो दोनों मिलाकर 57℅ होते है, अब अगर इन दोनों को GST के अंदर लाया जाता है तो अधिकतम टैक्स 28℅ ही लगेगा इसका मतलब पेट्रोल व डीजल की कीमतों में 40% तक की कमी हो जाएगी जिसका अधिकतम लाभ आम जनता को मिलेगा व बड़े-बड़े उधोगपति परिवारों को नुकसान होगा जो कि ये सरकार नही चाहती है व आम जनता को पीड़ित ही रखना चाहती है! कृपया इस सन्देश को ज्यादा से ज्यादा आम जनता तक पहुचाये!

If their is a win win on Tax on Tax, If the GST dissolves all other Taxes,If the Max GST slab is 28% , Why no GST on petrol and diesel ?  ( If 23% of central excise duty and 34% of state VAT which gives a total of 57% tax on hydrocarbon is under GST of tax 28% , the prices of petrol and diesel will half)

Dear Modiji, Please apply GST on Petrol too. Take the highest slab of GST i.e. 28% rather than collecting 57% taxes on it. #OneNationOneTax

Ayupp Analysis – The above news is correct that tax benefits on petrol and diesel comes around 57%. This is the reason that it has not been put under the new GST ( Goods and Simple Tax) rule. These taxes are collectively owned by central (23%) and state (34%). If government had put GST on petroleum then the taxes would have reduced to 38% and this would have brought a very big loss in the revenues earned to both the regimes.

The Financial express has written a very nice article about the same. Taxes exceed actual cost of petrol; Rs 31.20 in retail price of Rs 60.70 in Delhi is tax. Read the below article.

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