Order from Cabinet Secretariat for Linking Aadhar with property registration compulsory


Order release by Cabinet Secretariat to Link Aadhar card with property registration compulsory

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Ayupp Analysis – The above image is a fake order and police have even registered a case of forgery. This complaint was made by a senior government official and it claimed that fake letter is being issued by cabinet secretariat about digitisation of land records. It also has forged signatures on it.

As per news nation, Sheo Nath Singh (he is the government officer whose signature is forged on the fake order) has raised complaint against unidentified person.

This kind of messages started circulating on WhatsApp and it contains Cabinet Secretariat written on the top of order.  The order says to complete the digitisation of land records, sale records from 1950 by August 14

The above news was even confirmed by India today –


As per report published in deccan chronicle, government might link aadhar with property sooner.


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