Property records if not linked to Aadhar Pan – to be declared Benami after Aug 2017

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Breaking News - Property records from 1950 onwards will be linked to PAN & AADHAR card.
Windows to link Property with PAN & AADHAR given till August-14 & after that all properties will be treated as Benami.( NDTV news)

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Confirmation by – FAKE

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Breaking news!!! "Property records from 1950 should be linked to PAN/Aadhaar by Aug 14, 2017. The properies left unlinked to PAN/Aadhaar by the mentioned timeline will be declared BENAMI"

Ayupp Analysis –  It is fake news and Government of India has never made any such announcement. Even the Modi government has termed this letter as fake. Press Information Bureau ( PBI ) has given clarification about this news saying that “The letter attributed to Cabinet Secretariat on Aadhaar linking to land is completely fake and mischievous”. India Today has published details about this news. Click the below link to read in detail.

Frank Noronha - Principal Spokesperson, Government of India & Principal Director General of Press Information Bureau (), Government of India has tweeted below message on twitter - 

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