Rahul Gandhi had a secret meeting with Chinese Bhutanese envoy True


Rahul Gandhi had a secret meeting with Chinese Bhutanese envoy

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Can someone tell me in what capacity did Pappu¬†meet Chinese¬†officials outside Govt purview and why was he publicly berating PM Modi on China issue and if he has not intentionally acted against India's interests yet again as a¬†Chinese¬†agent? Why is Congress covering up and lying there was a meeting when China confirms the same. What conspiracy is being hatched? At a time when China is openly threatening Indian borders with threats of war this meetings severely undermine the nation! Why are these bloody Congressis meeting Pakistanis and¬†Chinese¬†and acting to weaken India's position on their own? Disgraceful!¬† ūüė° ūüė°


Should Rahul Gandhi have met up the #ChineseAmbassador during the ongoing faceoff between #India and #China ? Comment and React below.


Ayupp Analysis¬†‚Äď Its is real news. Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala has confirmed that party President Rahul Gandhi has met Chinese and Bhutanese envoy.

A statement from Rahul’s office also confirmed this news that he did meet the Chinese Ambassdor

However earlier Randeep S Surjewala has denied any such happening

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