Reliance Jio Volte Smartphones to be made in China by Foxconn and ZTE


Reliance Jio Volte Smartphones  Made in China

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Reliance Jio Made in China. A big slap to "Make in India" programme.
Manufactured by Rayson Technology (China)
Jio was endorsed by Narendra Modi. Bhakts say boycott chinese products. Whom to listen?

अंबानी की कम्पनी रिलायंस ने दुश्मन देश " चीन " को 30 करोड़ " जियो मोबाईल सेट " बनाने का देशभक्त आर्डर दिया !!! रिलायंस कम्पनी 10-10 करोड़ की 3 खेपों मे ये जियो सेट भारतियों को 1500-1500 रुपयो मे इस्तेमाल करने के लिये देगी , बेचेगी नही !!! अब जब बिक्री नही तो 28% जीएसटी भी नही !!! मतलब 10 करोड़ सेट की एक खेप मे 1500 रुपये प्रति सेट पर 28% के टैक्स के हिसाब से देश को 4200 करोड़ रुपयों के टैक्स का चूना !!! कुल तीनो खेप मिलाकर 12600 करोड़ रुपयों के टैक्स का चूना देश को सरकारी संरक्षण मे और सरकार किसकी ? उच्च स्तरीय भृष्टाचार की ये सीधी सीधी गणित है जो सभी को समझ मे आ ही गई होगी !!! लेकिन अब कोई मुझसे ये मत पूंछना की इन 12 हजार 6 सौ करोड़ मे से कितना कितना हिस्साकिसकी पॉकेट मे जायेगा , क्योंकि ये गणित अति-गोपनीय है !!! बाकी देशवासियों से भाजपा सरकार की यही अपील है कि चीन के बने हुए सामान का बहिष्कार कर देशभक्त बने।

Ayupp Analysis – Yes, this news is real. As per news published in January 2017,  by Economic times, Reliance has partnered with Chinese company Foxconn to manufacture Volte smartphones and other products in India. They will start production for Reliance Retail’s Lyf brand of 4G smartphones. Other vendors might also start taking orders based on demand.

Not only smartphones, almost all the sim available in market are manufactured in China only.

Almost all operators import SIM cards from China or somewhere else. In the month of September RJio imported around 17 lacs sim cards from China and has imported 6.8 lacs cards from Taiwan till 10th of this(October) month. As per Wikipedia as well - LYF smartphones are manufactured by Chinese handset maker ZTE Corporation, CK Telecom Limited, Intex. The company plans to source more phones from the maker before the launch of its Jio 4G services later in 2016.

So, the big question again arises, where is the term “Make in India”.  It’s a very big question which needs to be answered by the biggest service providers Reliance.

Still, we should support reliance Jio, as it has brought revolution in Indian telecom market. We are using data plan like wifi network. Only time will tell that Reliance is working for the good of people or planning for something different.

The viral news tells about the scandal that is being done. We are not sure about that. 

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