Whatsapp not share Mother, sister..Cyber Crime Notification photo is fake


Social Viral: A message circulating on social media regarding not sharing Mother, sister, Daughter, wife, nephew or any other girls image is wide circulated.

eRumor made by – Internet and social media

Confirmation by Ayupp.com – Fake & SPAM Message

Viral News Samples – The message says not to share Mother, Sister, wife, Newphew,babhi or any other girls image or video on facebook and whatsapp. If you share this image or video the person living in your house can face some problem.

The message says if you think only you can see your picture or video than you are wrong, indeed the whole world can see this images.

Immediately delete the picture if you have set it as profile picture.


Ayupp Analysis – The Viral message circulating on whatsapp is indeed fake.

We did maximum verification, but did not find any truth regarding this message. Indeed facebook has come up with new features that allow an end-user to have the rights to set his security that who can view and share his/her image.

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