Will Florida winner of $451m jackpot, give back $5000 to first 50k retweet

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Viral Message: Jackpot win of $281M I can't believe it!!   Out of generosity I will be giving away $1,000,000 to someone who retweets this. Must be following  

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Viral message example- I feel like because I have gotten so lucky I should share my wealth with some of you! I would like to get into social media and start doing more things for others please RT & FOLLOW! I will be giving everyone $1000 who does Happy 2018 I am so blessed!

I’m give $2000 to my first 50k followers! Just RT this and follow me @missler_shane! God blessed me and I’m gonna bless some of you!

 Jackpot win of $281M I can't believe it!! Out of generosity I will be giving away $1,000,000 to someone who retweets this. Must be following

I am giving back $5,000 to the first 50k followers that retweet and like this post. This is to much money and I love helping people!

Viral Message Verification:-  The tweets may look juicy and tempting that you may win some money out of genoricity, yet there is no fact to prove that the owner of the twitter account Shane Missler purportedly posting this tweet that the first 50,000 followers to retweet and like it would get $5,000.

Missler won won the $451 million jackpot as per the abcnews.go.com on january 5th 2018 but opted for a lump sum payment of $281.2 million instead of payment in installments.

The twitter account used for the message has been only recently created and can be seen on the twitter home page of Shane Missler. He has posted the message in his twitter account “Hey guys! I am the lottery winner of $451 Million. With this incredible opportunity I am giving back $5,000 to the first 50k followers!

Note: The real account of @TheShaneMissler was registered in February 2016. He already used it to put out a warning about fake accounts:

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